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Price: $199
$149 On Credit Card Today
$50 Cash Upon His Arrival
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Vacationing Geneology, Mixing Music, Exercising

Bio: Former oil field worker turned actor-stuntperformer and now entertainer. I now have been dancing as a male entertainer since 2010. It helps pay the bills while I persue acting and other endeavors. I have always had a passion for dancing. In highschool I was a weird, skinny, pizza face kid. I didn't have many friends because everyone was to busy making fun of me or just didn't know I existed. Once I graduated highschool, I started going out to the clubs. That's when I discovered the art of dance. I wanted to be "THAT" guy everyone enjoyed watching in the center of the dance floor. So I did it... I hit the dance floor! It took me a while to build up some courage. Slowly I made my way to center of that dance floor and became "THAT" guy I wanted to be. It felt so good to NOT be "non-existent" anymore! Years later, life took its course and now I am not that skinny, little weird kid from highschool anymore. Not long after the club scene I started lifting weights and became a BEAST! On the outside I look like your typical "Muscle Head" but on the inside I still feel like that skinny little weird kid, just a total dork, LOL! Now they tell me I am one of the hottest male entertainers on the market. I work very very hard to make sure that I bring the best performance I possibly can to your party / event! I understand that a client can be somewhat hesitant when it comes to booking a male stripper, but trust me when I say that you and your party will definitely have a memorable time with me, lots of fun!" I've been dancing for Omen since 2013.

Women: Women are truly amazing. No matter what type of women you are you can expect a fun and memorable party once I am done. I like women that know how to have fun. I want women to know that for me, it is all about entertainment and nothing more. I like women that are extremely motivated in their lives and who are not affraid to be independent. Don't get me wrong, for me, chivalry is not dead by any means but there is just something about a woman who has broken down all the "barriers of society!"
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How to Book Your Male Stripper

  • Quickly and easily place your order online now with a $149 or $179 nonrefundable deposit using a Visa, Master Card, Amex or Discover. The remaining balance is due in CASH upon his arrival. In the uncommon and unlikely event your entertainer became unavailable due to an emergency; you would of course be refunded this deposit.
  • All online credit card deposits are securely encrypted with 256-bit SSL encryption and are strictly confidential.
  • Upon placing your order, you will receive an INSTANT EMAIL AND INSTANT TEXT CONFIRMATION. You will also receive text confirmation the day before AND the day of your event.
  • It's never too late to order. Advance booking is preferred but same day bookings are still encouraged up to 2 hours prior to your event.
  • Entertainers are for women only and perform at almost any private location including homes, apartments, hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, banquet rooms, party buses and more.
  • IF applicable, minimal parking, valet or tolls may also be due upon your entertainer's arrival. These fees will not exceed $15.
  • Minimal travel charges will apply ONLY IF your event is located outside the city. If applicable, travel charges will be calculated at $1.50 per mile from downtown, to your zip code, one way, according to Google Maps. If applicable these travel charges will also be due upon your entertainer's arrival.
  • So don't wait! Make your entertainer preferences and book online now or call 210-934-2862

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